A few years ago, the Billy Graham Crusade wanted the evangelist’s followers to give more thought to the great hereafter and used an advertising campaign that asked, “Where do you want to go tomorrow?” Clearly this was a tongue-in-cheek parody of the well-known Microsoft slogan “Where do you want to go today?” The software giant, notoriously hypersensitive about copyright infringement, was not amused and sued. A Microsoft attorney stated his client’s case, which was promptly tossed out by the judge, who is rumored to have said, “Sue Billy Graham? Are you crazy? You people need to lighten up and get a life.”

We agree, at least with the part about lightening up and getting a life. To get a better handle on our readers’ lives, we survey our subscribers from time to time. Whether we look at the data compiled from last year’s survey or from back when we were just Canoe magazine rather than Canoe & Kayak, it doesn’t matter. The results are the same. The number one topic of interest to our readers remains unchanged.

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It’s a variation of what Billy Graham and Microsoft ask. Invariably, what canoeists and kayakers most want to know is this: where’s a good place to go paddling?

That question was the inspiration for this Destination Guide, our first new annual in the Canoe & Kayak family of publications since 1997. Maybe you’re from Tennessee, or Ontario, or Alaska, and you’ve already peeked inside and wondered, “Well, where’s the Ocoee, or Algonquin Park, or Prince William Sound? Why aren’t they included?” Needless to say, this is not a comprehensive listing of all the best places to paddle in North America. That would be impossible to accomplish in a mere 80 pages.

Instead, we have selected a representative sampling of destinations for each of six different regions on this wide, wonderful, and watery continent of ours. Arguably, we have the greatest variety of canoeing and kayaking to be found anywhere on the planet. And why not? After all, didn’t both the canoe and kayak originate here?

In upcoming issues we’ll feature other great places to paddle, so maybe you’ll find the Wolf River or Florida Keys or Great Slave Lake in the next one. Over time, I guarantee it. Collect all volumes of our Destination Guide and you will end up with a comprehensive resource after all.

So where’s your favorite place to paddle? If you’re like me, the answer depends more on the overall experience than the specific location. Think of some of your best times spent on the water. They’re pretty special to you, aren’t they? Does it matter where they happened? The important thing is that they now reside where you can relive them over and over again-in your soul. Just the same, it never hurts to have a few more places in mind for future paddling. So take a look inside and see where that leads.