We woke up this morning and saw gray skies covering the city. After two nights of partying and gambling, some of the boaters weren’t exactly feeling sunny, either.

One exception, however, was the Jackson family. EJ outduled local hero “All Day” Jay Kincaid in the final round of last night’s professional rodeo competition. The defending champ went first but was flushed out of the wave and lost precious seconds and, therefore, points. EJ was nearly flawless in his run and came home with the championship.

In the women’s professional competition, Tanya Faux of Australia topped EJ’s 15-year-old daughter, Emily, for the championship. Faux is a true pro and should be recognized for her awesome performance, but you have to hand it to Emily–a second-place finish at her age bodes well for her future.

It’d be hard to find a boater having a better time than Tao Berman. He’s known to ante up big at the blackjack table, so he’s in the perfect town for that. He may have lost a few bills over the weekend, but he’s determined to make that his only losing endeavor.

“I enjoy beating people,” he said earlier in the week.
So he was on the water early this morning to shake out the cobwebs and prepare for the day’s qualifying round of the Boater Cross Competition. He then set the standard with a time of 37.18 on the 100-yard course. The four-man-at-a-time final rounds will be the event of the afternoon.


Meanwhile, the Downriver competition was happening on the left channel of the Truckee. It’s amazing how fast these men and women can speed downstream. It’s almost as if they have motors attached to their boats.