Florida Paddle Kayak Day Trip Tallahassee

Conor and Liz Sparks paddling along the Coast of Big Pine Island, one of the many beautiful keys along the BBST, Florida.         (Photo Credit: Fredrik Marmsater)

Floating Florida
Tallahassee, Fla

Dozens of crystal-clear, spring-fed rivers feed into Florida's often-forgotten northern gulf coast, near Tallahassee. The 10-mile run on the Wacissa River appeals to sea kayakers and canoeists alike and captures the best of the region, including Big Blue Springs, a 60-foot-deep upwelling the size of an Olympic swimming pool, a variety of wildlife including alligators and eagles, and massive, prehistoric looking cypress trees. You'll have to jockey vehicles for the oneway trip from Wacissa Headsprings Landing, southeast of Tallahassee, to the public campground at Goose Pasture. Local knowledge: Florida Fish and Wildlife conservation, myfwc.com.

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