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According to the Sydney Morning Herald Justin Jones and James Castrission are 1440 kilometres out in the Tasman Sea with a Cyclone looming. The storm will not directly hit them but their progress has been impeded due to headwinds from the cyclone 2000 miles to their north-east and “sharp steep two to three meter waves” that tossed the kayak into the air.

“The forecast is for some shocking headwinds on Wednesday and Thursday, north-easterlies of up to 30 knots,” Patrick Brothers from Race Recon, the pair’s support company, said.


The paddlers are going to ask their readers to tell them what to do next. “We are about to run a vote on our website about what the guys should do next … whether to paddle for South Island or continue to Auckland,” Mr. Brothers said.

By setting course for the South Island and paddling due south for two days, the kayakers would be affected by the headwinds for only one day. However, as this would take the pair further south than the original charted course, it could mean facing even more weather turbulence they had not planned. Paddling due south to avoid the winds would also involve “expending a lot of energy and not getting any closer to their destination”, Mr Brothers said.

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“The guys have had a dream run, most meteorologists and experienced sailors are saying the guys couldn’t have got better conditions for the first 19 days of the trip,” he said.

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