A team of six Israelis recently completed the first kayak crossing from the island of Cyprus to Israel, some 180 nautical miles in the section of the Mediterranean Sea known as Crusade, according to a first-hand account by Kobi Sade, one of the paddlers, posted on ynetnews.com.

The team of paddlers shared two sea kayaks; paddlers switched every two hours. Accompanying the paddlers was a yacht, Ole, for safety and to allow team members to rest when they weren't paddling. The crossing was completed in about two days, apparently.

“The sea around me is rough, winds of up to 25 knots and a huge swell are behind me," wrote Sade. "I can't see the waves, I just feel them lift the kayak like a matchstick. Sometimes they break beside me, and I am forced to make a support stroke with the paddle to avoid capsizing. I am not alone. Motti Ben Atiya, my teammate, paddles beside me in his own kayak. I can't see his face but I can imagine the exhilaration he must be feeling." – Tim Mutrie