Is there a great river near you that isn't very accessible for paddling trips? Fortunately, a new guide can help you create a blue trail and designate launch sites and other areas for recreational use.

American Rivers produced The Blue Trails Guide to give you all the resources you need to establish a thriving blue trail in your community. To have a successful blue trail you need to have a healthy river, which is why the guide focuses on river conservation. The guide has step-by-step instructions and practical advice on planning, building, and managing for conservation as well as case studies from experienced practitioners across the country.

In addition to the obvious recreational benefits, blue trails help communities in a variety of ways. They can stimulate the local economy by increasing property values, reducing infrastructure costs, and supporting tourism and recreation based businesses. A healthy river also provides cost effective flood control and clean drinking water.

When people get out and enjoy their rivers, they start to care more about them. That's why blue trails can also be the driving force behind stopping pollution, removing dams that no longer make sense, protecting against poorly planned development along rivers, and building support for protections such as Wild and Scenic River designations.

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