Teva Shoes

Teva continues evolving from its humble Velcro sandal roots into more lifestyle-oriented, yet functional riverside footwear. Case in point: the new Kayode Mid, a flexible Mush-infused insole paired with a rugged outsole and suede leather/canvas upper that keeps your ankles covered during any holiday snow stompings ($90). Too much fashion over function? The worthy Sling King provides fitting, minimalist performance for the playboater on your list ($50,

Princeton Tec Headlamp

Ode to the headlamp: Likely the number one misplaced, lost, forgotten, yet essential piece of camping equipment that makes a slam-dunk stocking stuffer. Consider Princeton Tec’s new dual-light Byte, a slight 2.25-ounce headlamp that packs 35 lumens through a pair of long-burning Maxbright and red Ultralight LEDs. ($20,

Kaenon's Hard Kore

Worried your partner’s favorite paddling shades are a little dated or better suited to, say, Kenny Powers? Kaenon’s Hard Kore blends deluxe style with lightweight, high-clarity performance in this unisex, wrapped-style sunglass model boasting solid impact/scratch resistance so you won’t have to baby it, available in multiple polarized lens tints, light transmission levels, and frame colors. ($219,

Bending Branches Navigator

Another blend of aesthetic class and high-tech, Bending Branches Navigator combines its proven T-700 carbon shaft with black willow blades, which results in a slight flex that goes easy on the joints as the miles add up. The kayak tourer on your list will appreciate this 28-ounce paddle as the big-ticket item that will last for years of paddling thanks to fiberglass-reinforced, and Rockgard-edged blades. ($279,

Level Six Jackets

Level Six continues filling the niche of solid and stylish, feature-packed outerwear built by and for paddlers, on and off the water, with a pair of softshell jackets ready to go from the campfire to the in-laws with the women’s Pali and men’s Barrio. A poly-spandex, waterproof-breathable outer and fleece inner layers make the full-zips go-to winter layers. ($127,

NRS Deluxe Kit

Keep that sea kayaker who keeps pushing limits covered with all the necessary items to stay safe. NRS’ Deluxe Touring Safety Kit comes packed in a mesh deck bag with everything on the checklist–bilge pump, whistle, signal mirror, paddle float, leash and sponge–that remains the safety standard for every touring paddler, regardless of skill level. ($110,

Goal Zero Sherpa 50 and Light

Fancy electronic gifts are nice, but are useless in the backcountry without power. C&K’s Robert Zaleski tested Goal Zero’scompact, book-sized Sherpa 50 battery ($250) on a recent shooting assignment to the remote ends of the British Virgin Islands: “It’s super-ideal in boats or camping without AC access, because recharging batteries is always a concern for me when I’m shooting,” Zaleski says. “So to charge on location eliminates endlessly purchasing new batteries. I can plug in my laptop and transfer the raw files, and it’s light enough to carry and doesn’t take up much space in the bag.” Charge the Sherpa with 50 watt-hours from a wall, Nomad Line solar panels (starting at $99), or a cigarette adapter. Once plugged in with portable power, consider Goal Zero’s Estrella 3 light, which has a ridiculously low power draw, for an ultra-bright 140 lumens spread at a broad 140 degrees that can keep your entire camp lit through the night. ($59,

Kate's Real Food

Ever peruse the ingredients listed on a convenience store-bought energy bar or gel? If you’re the type who has, try the selection of bars from Kate’s Real Food. The Jackson, Wyo.-based company supports sustainable organic farming by using nutrient-rich organic ingredients that pack the bars with flavors and textures, with dairy- and gluten-free options, plus some enticing holiday shipping offers. ($2.29-$3 a piece, $37 gift box,

Sea to Summit Map Case

Another way to paddle-proof those portable electronic items on the wish list is with the thermoplastic polyurethane Sea to Summit uses in its complete line of Accessory Cases. The welded TPU construction in the cases, with a Ziploc, Velcro-topped closure, also highlights the Guide Map Case, providing waterproofness and extreme weather resistance to easily view your map in a flexible case. Features handy anchor points to rig to your boat, in three sizes. ($24-34,