Attempting to make the first successful kayak crossing from Scotland
to the Faroe Islands

On the fourth of June 2009 Patrick Winterton will embark on an attempt to make the first successful kayak crossing from Scotland to the Faroe Islands, a distance of over 225 miles (360km) across one of the most tidal and stormbound sections of the Atlantic. Last summer Patrick followed the route of St. Brendan the Navigator around Ireland to the Scottish Isles. This summer he will continue north, through the Hebrides, to the Isle of Lewis where he will meet up with Mick Berwick. Together they will try and prove that it is possible to make the 2-3 day crossing in standard production kayaks.

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Ten weeks of paddling and a million strokes are this expeditions goal to raise money for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), a self funded voluntary organization that makes on average 21 rescues for every day of the year. Both Mick and Patrick were amongst the statistics last year and are fully aware of how easily things can go wrong at sea. They hope their efforts raise awareness of the work and importance of the RNLI and have set up a competition on their website to raise funds for the organization.

Celtic Tiderace 2, a groundbreaking expedition, has been an ongoing project of Patrick's for a number of years. Initially a pipe dream and now, after a number of increasingly challenging expeditions, a reality. "There is no way of eliminating the risks of an exposed expedition in the North Atlantic, but through extensive planning and preparation, and with years of experience, we will limit them to an acceptable level", says Winterton. Following 'Scottish Extremities' and 'Stevensons Lights' Patrick will make a third film on sea kayaking. Celtic Tiderace will focus on the little known islands off the coast of Ireland and Scotland, and convey the pleasures and pains of days at sea as they head for the Faroes.

Patrick Winterton has had a mixed career in the Armed Forces, the Health Service, and Broadcasting. His sporting experience is no less varied having represented National Teams in three sports. Patrick made an impact on the kayaking world with a solo expedition around the Scottish islands, 'Scottish Extremities' that included a number of previously un-attempted crossings. A feat that would be quickly forgotten were it not for the resulting self filmed documentary. He uses his broadcasting experience to produce a unique, genuine, and inspirational account of expedition life.