Canoecopia 2013 Trade Talk Series

Every March, more than 20,000 Midwestern paddlers make an annual pilgrimage to attend the Canoecopia expo in Madison, Wis. Paddling enthusiasts at this weekend's show visited more than 200 exhibitors to check out the latest canoes, kayaks, paddles, apparel, gear and accessories.

C&K staff also made their way to Canoecopia and filmed the products they thought were especially quirky, new or innovative. Check out the products they viewed in the series, Trade Talk.

Canoecopia Pakboat, Quest

A smaller touring kayak for the smaller paddler

Canoecopia Wind Paddle, Bimini Sun Shade

Find some shade while catching that big fish.

Canoecopia Kokatat, Maximus Prime

The latest in Kokatat’s rescue PFDs.

NRS Zen Rescue PFD

The latest in the NRS rescue PFDs

Shred Ready Shaggy

The new color is so hot!

Aquabound Paddles, Posi-Lok Ferrule
Easy to use ferrule system that changes feather in 15 degree increments.
Esquif Canoes, Echo

Bringing back a popular boat with some new design.

Astral YTV PFD and Brewer Shoe

Astral’s first water shoe plus the new model PFD

Zem Gear Terra and H2O Shoes

Two new stylish and functional shoe models.

Chesapeake Light, Craft Petral and Shearwater

Versatile and handy new models to have on the water