Intel: Packed size – 15"x4"; weight – 1.3 lbs.; load capacity – 250 lbs.; price – $20; (

Yes, there is a lot to be said for a backrest, but the fact is that a good deal of camp time is spent getting up and down to tend to a meal, stoke a fire, grab the snacks or other chores. The Packseat is a tall camp stool the allows you to sit between tasks and take a load off. You'd think everyone would claim the chairs, but the stool turns out to be surprisingly popular because of the up and down nature of camp life. That, and it's simple, small, light, and keeps you 20" off the ground. The anti-splay panel keeps the lower legs from spreading and sinking.

GCI SitBacker Canoe Seat

A sturdy canoe seat for a relaxing paddle.

Camp Chairs Homepage

Five comfortable camp chairs worth sitting in.

Helinox Chair Zero

The Helinox “Chair Zero” packs small but feels sturdy, and still holds up to 200lbs.

Thermarest Quadra

The Quadra is comfy and supports up to 300 lbs, while still being easy to pack.

GCI "Packseat"

Simple, small, and convenient, the Packseat is a perfect rest-stop between camp chores.


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