Remember Gareth Jones and Aaron Chervenak? Last year, we covered the jungle-paddling duo in our June ‘Amazon Issue’ by chronicling their 5,500-mile, human-powered voyage across Brazil. They started the north-to-south, two-year journey with a 2,017-mile paddling transit of the Amazon Basin via the rios Mau, Branco, Negro, and then Amazonas proper (Click HERE to read the full story). They ended the packraft and canoe-paddling leg in December, switching over to their bikes. The recently released episode below tracks their final 32-day, 560-mile push from Santarem to Belem, taking advantage of hospitality where they can find it in communities wary of bandit river travelers, and battling setbacks, weather, and powerful tides on their push to the Atlantic. “We’re learning to let this voyage run at its own pace,” Gareth says of the Brazil 9000 Expedition. Click HERE to see photos and a full story.

Black Gold: Brazil 9000 Update #4 from The Skeeto Lounge on Vimeo.