Here in Bratislava, Slovakia for the 2011 Canoe Slalom World Championships, racers had an unexpected day off Thursday due to high winds. With the course closed, what to do then? Here, Caroline Queen of the U.S. and Prossy Mirembe of Uganda have a chat. Photo: Jamie McEwan

By Jamie McEwan

It wasn’t exactly a quiet day at the course today, but the sound was not the roar of the crowd, rather the roar of the event-canceling wind. What’s a honed and hungry racer to do? A contingent of the U.S. team toured nearby Bratislava Castle; others could be seen paddling on the canal. If a high pressure system moves in as forecast, the next three days will be jam-packed with racing action! Stay tuned.

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Thursday: Loneliness is an unused race course. Photo: Jamie McEwan