Each week, we highlight companies in Canoe & Kayak's 2010 Boat Book. Today, we look at the 2010 designs of Warren Light Craft. Stay tuned next week for more from our Boat Book.

Little Wing 12.5
$3385 in carbon composite
L: 12’6″; W: 21.5″; 22 lbs.
Little Wing 12.5 is well suited for small to medium sized paddlers. Although it is the smallest of the Little Wing fleet, the 12.5 has ample storage space and exceptional speed. It is an excellent day touring boat and, at just 22 pounds, the 12.5 is easily car topped.

Little Wing 14
$3885 in carbon composite
L: 13’11”; W: 22″; 26 lbs.
Little Wing 14 is a light touring kayak that combines speed and exceptional stability. Our most versatile boat, Little Wing 14 is designed for paddlers of all sizes and skill levels. It is a popular choice among day paddlers, fishermen and nature enthusiasts. As with all WLC kayaks, the 14 is custom-built to your color and style preferences.

Little Wing 15.5
$4385 in carbon composite
L: 15’6″; W: 21″; 28 lbs.
Little Wing 15.5 is the ideal choice for a paddler looking for maximum performance in a mid-sized touring kayak. With a unique hull design that provides excellent stability and acceleration in even rough waters, the 15.5 is a perfect expedition companion. Like other models, the 15.5 can be outfitted with a rudder upon request.

Little Wing Sail
$8985 in carbon composite
L: 15’6″; W: 10’5″; 68 lbs.
The Little Wing Sail combines the best of both worlds-the Little Wing 15.5 kayak that converts to a high-performance sailboat in just minutes. She is fast on all tacks and in all wind speeds, and her overall width and long amas keep her upright as she flies across the water. The Sail is easy to car top and suitable for sailors and paddlers of all skill levels.