Each week, we highlight companies in Canoe & Kayak's 2010 Boat Book. Today, we look at the 2010 designs of Sea Eagle. Stay tuned next week for more from our Boat Book.

330 Sport Kayak
$299 for Deluxe Package, $349 for Pro Kayak Package, both in 33-mm PolyKrylar PVC
L: 11’2″; W: 2’10”; 26 lbs.
Our most popular kayak, our SE-330 is perfect for beginners or for those more experienced. The SE-330 is lightweight enough to use solo but durable enough to use on Class III whitewater rivers, lakes and bays. This is the easiest, most portable and fun inflatable kayak that we sell.

370 Sport Kayak
$399 for Pro Kayak Package in 38-mm PolyKrylar PVC
L:12’6″; W: 2’10”; 32 lbs.
The difference between the SE-330 and our SE-370 is that you’ll get more length, more interior space and more room for gear in our 370 model. What’s the same is the versatility, durable material for whitewater rafting and the overall ease in using this craft either solo or tandem.

380X Explorer Kayak
$949 for Deluxe Package, $1149 for Pro Kayak Package in 1000-denier reinforced PVC
L: 12’6″; W: 3’1″; 47 lbs.
Our 380X is designed with self-bailing drain valves and a reinforced PVC material to easily handle wild rivers (up to Class IV). With a beam just over 3 inches you get extreme stability as well in an ideal kayak for fishing and overnight camping trips.

435PS PaddleSki
$1199 for Pro Kayak Package in 1000-denier reinforced PVC
L: 14′; W: 3’3″; 41 lbs.
Our most versatile craft, the 435PS can be fished, motored, paddled, rowed or sailed-why we refer to it as five boats in one. The catamaran design takes a wider stance on the water (more stability) and creates less drag (more speed), making it easier to use than most traditional kayaks.

LB-11 Longboard
$999 for Deluxe Package in 1000-denier reinforced PVC with high-pressure, drop-stitched floor
L: 11′; W: 2’6″; 18 lbs.
The LB-11 is the first paddleboard that you can paddle standing up or sitting down (includes both standup and kayak paddle). The LB-11 gives you the maximum amount of flexability so you can enjoy a no-pressure tour of a quiet lake, or tear up the surf like a pro.