Each week, we highlight companies in Canoe & Kayak's 2010 Boat Book. Today, we look at the 2010 designs of Perception. Stay tuned next week for more from our Boat Book.

Tribe 9.5
$495, roto-molded plastic
L: 9’5″; W: 31.5″; 47 lbs.
The Tribe sit-on-top series is all about easy care, easy use and good times, all the way down to the bright colors. Equally comfortable surfing ocean waves or cruising lakes and lazy rivers, what sets it apart is performance for the value. Perfect for the whole family, beginners, or veterans.

Prodigy 10.0
$495, roto-molded plastic
L: 9’5″; W: 31.25″; 47 lbs.
It helped make recreational kayaking so popular. The affordable Prodigy 10.0 is ready for many types of water, from lakes to slow, deep rivers. The compact size is easy to throw on a car and to store. Most importantly, it’s comfortable and one of the best performing kayaks in its class.

Carolina 12.0
$850, roto-molded plastic
L: 12′; W: 26″; 50 lbs.
The most versastile touring kayak ever created. This day or weekend tripper is a performance machine, with great acceleration and speed. The soft chined and V-shaped hull offers stable, smooth paddling. The 12.0 is perfectly sized, being easy to load yet large enough to offer dry storage for your gear.

Tribute 14.0
$995, roto-molded plastic
L: 14′; W: 23.75″; 46 lbs.
The new Tribute 14.0 has quickly become one of the most desired kayaks for smaller paddlers of all experience levels. Added length gives a nice boost in speed, and the roomier cockpit and upgraded Zone outfitting is fun for short trips, and even more efficient and comfortable for longer excursions.

Essence 16.5
$1450, roto-molded plastic
L: 16’5″; W: 22.25″; 55 lbs.
With increased speed, maneuverability, and dry storage the Essence 16.5 offers the functionality you demand without sacrificing the comfort that you desire. Whether expert or beginner, multi-day expedition or casual day-paddle, you will experience the thrill of paddling a stable and versatile high performance kayak allowing you to push your limits.