Ever approached 50 MPH in a whitewater kayak? As Pat Keller can attest, it’s not easy to do without some help from that worst enemy of rock climbers known as gravity.

Keller last March set out to run Toxaway Falls, an 85-foot sliding descent located in the southwest corner of North Carolina. He’d been eyeing it for about four years before seal launching into the pool at the top.

“The timing was finally right,” he said. “I felt confident.”

But Mister Park Ranger, who spotted Keller in his lime-green Dagger Nomad, didn’t think the timing was right at all and tried to scare Keller out of running the falls. Too late.

“At that point, nothing could stop me,” Keller said.

Keller ignored the ranger, dropped in, and hauled ass downward. He got caught up in the mainline flow and practically turned into Neo (little Matrix reference there) in order to execute a number of rapid-fire strokes to get back on his intended line.
About 50 or 60 feet down, Keller hit a kicker he couldn’t even see and flew out from the wall, then hit another kicker near the bottom and splashed safely into the pool.

He had a good talk with the ranger at the bottom, who came to understand that Keller was actually a skilled, competent boater, not some ignorant yahoo.
Check out the video of Keller’s descent at immersionresearch.com, then vote Balls or Brains.