The cool thing about Patrick Forster is that even though it was early season, despite having to adjust to the load of gear making his kayak feel lop-sided, and although it was his first time on this particular Class V+ river run, the cool thing is that Forster went for it.

“Probably showed a little more balls than brains,” is the way he put it.

Here’s what happened. Forster and a group of buddies set out one May day to run the Big South Fork of the Cache la Poudre River in Colorado. The crew hiked in about eight snowy miles the day before because the access gate to drive in is rarely open when the water level is prime.

The next morning they awoke tired and sore from the previous day’s death march. Forster could tell he didn’t have his A game, but figured he could psyche himself up to run Cool World, a tight 15-foot chute preceded by a Class V+, boulder-choked lead in–even though everyone else in the group chose to walk.

Forster knew he had to execute a left boof stroke, but apparently the message didn’t get from his brain to his body and he applied a right boof stroke instead.
I zigged when I should’ve zagged,” he said.

The misfire sent Forster spinning, and he ran the drop upside down with jagged mini-canyon walls on each side. The force of the powerful water burst his spray skirt right off his coaming.

“I came up and I was seeing God,” he said.

If not for the Pedro Martinez-like accuracy of pal Brian “Frenchy” Gardel, whose pin-point throw-bag hurl hit Forster right between the eyes, he might still be swimming.

OK, readers. Forster admits his balls were bigger than his brains, but doesn’t going big count for something–especially when you get away with it? If you agree, vote Balls! If not, vote Brains!