Barbro Lindman has passed the most southern point of New Zealands South
Island of New Zealand stopping in Riverton near Invercargill after 38
grueling days and 1050 kilometers down the east coast with persistent
strong winds and large seas.

Babs (Barbro), ventured out from Picton on the north shore on December 22, 2007.
Her quest is to be the second woman to have paddled around
the South Island of New Zealand” and to capture this unique land with
photography and writing. “

The weather has been a major factor with head winds from
the south and strong tail winds from the North. These also
generated quite large swells particularly around the Otago Peninsula
where large dumping surf makes landing dangerous on the steep remote

In the company of dolphins, penguins, sea lions and local surfers
she has made her way through the changing and
dramatic scenery. Some days she faces long deserted beaches, other days she finds
herself landing in small bays surrounded by inaccessible cliffs.

Freya Hoffmeister was the first woman to complete the cirmcumnavigation of South Island in January of 2008.

The next days will be spent preparing for her biggest challenge
yet, Puysegur Point, notorious for its large swells, strong winds and
remoteness as the gate way into New Zealand's Fiorland protected
by the might of theSouthern Ocean.

Excerpts from Babs blog:

29th December.
The weather forecast is good and Babs makes for her longest day yet, 80 km, she makes Gore bay and has to get a ride with a local person to where she can use a phone to report in safe. The satellite phone to be collected in Christchurch seems more and more practical even on the east coast we expected good GSM phone coverage.

4th Febuary

James writes: Babs is stuck still at Frances Burn due to high seas and winds. Its hoped she can escape to Puysegur if not Green Islets this morning (5th), there is little sheltered landing till then with the tough navigated entrance into Port Knife and Steel that has 1 km southerly reefs on each side. The outlook is not good until after Sunday and everyone is asking when the more stable weather in Febuary should arrive? As Paul Caffyn says this is the toughest piece!

5th Febuary

James writes: 4pm NZT I checked my mail (4am CET) knowing Babs was heading towards Puysegur and just as I did a mail arrived via the satelite phone:

You can follow her expedition on

Past attempts to circumnavigate New Zealands South Island:

1978, Paul Caffyn – 76 days

He was the first person to circumnavigate the South Island but was accompanied by another paddler for part of the journey. A support crew followed him on land and helped find landing spots.

1995, Kazutomi Yoshida – Did not complete the trip.

He started at Nelson and made it to Fjordland before abandoning the expedition.

1996, Brian Roberts – 86 days.

He completed the first totally solo circumnavigation, starting and finishing in Picton.

1999/ 2000, Chris Duff
He also completed a solo circumnavigation, starting and finishing in Picton.

2007/2008, Freya Hoffmeister – 70 days

First woman and fastest completion of the trip.