2400 kilomteres and 94 days later Babs (Barbro Lindman) returned
to Picton, New Zealand after circumnavigating , by sea kayak, the South Island of New Zealand.

Background on Babs trip

Motivation for the expedition was to photograph the
coastlines wildlife, landscape and people from a different angle.
This makes her one of a few who have completed this feat, which
is not only physically demanding but incredibly stressful when faced
with large swell and strong winds from the southern ocean with no
immediate support other than herself.

Along her way Babs experienced bad weather including a four nights
confinement in her small tent while strong winds, heavy seas made
it impossible to come around into port Jackson from Barns Bay on
the northern end of Fiordland. Even when she did get out she was
attacked by the famous west coast sandflies! On several occasions surf
landings were rough with damage to paddles and equipment including
her kayak.

The positive experiences did make up for these, including the pods of
dolphins that gave her company and all the people along her way that
helped her. Often taking her in for the night or passing some crayfish
from their boat for dinner.

The next weeks Babs will remain in the South Island, heal her blistered
infected hands, try to recover some of the 10 kilograms lost in weight,
before travelling by car catching up and thanking many of the people
that she meet along her voyage. After giving a talk at the K.A.S.K. ( kiwi
Association of Sea Kayakers) symposium the 25-27 of April at Ohope
Beach, Babs will return home to Sweden for a summer of paddling.

You can follow Babrbro’s expedition her
blog directly on barbrolindman.blogspot.com


  • Who: Barbro Lindman
  • When: December 2007 — March 2008
  • Where: The South Island of New Zealand
  • Distance: 2 500 km
  • Challenges: Tides, variable weather, rough seas, strong winds, difficult landings with dumping shore breaks, sharks and last but not least sandflies!
  • Purpose: To inspire and motivate.
  • Goal: To travel by kayak in a safe way and document the beauty of the coastal enviroment.
  • Motto: ""One can never consent to creep when one feels the impulse to soar" (Helen Keller).