In 2006 American Whitewater is launching its Athlete Ambassador Team, a core of whitewater paddlers who will publicly represent American Whitewater and reinforce its mission of preserving and restoring’s whitewater resources. AW sought out the leaders of the whitewater community to come forward and publicly promote and support the work of American Whitewater. Our Athlete Ambassadors will be on the rivers, at the put ins and takeouts, and on the banks promoting the effective work of American Whitewater.

Each of these paddlers has demonstrated a willingness to endorse American Whitewater at their slide shows, clinics, and events, all have expressed a commitment to preserving our diverse whitewater resources. AW ambassadors will be the public voice of American Whitewater.

American Whitewater will be adding more ambassadors to the program over the coming months so stay tuned for updates of their travels, their experiences, and their efforts to support AW.

Take a look at each of their personal pages; learn why these worldly paddlers support AW. Check out the American Whitewater site.