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On the Cover: Sea kayak surfing at the Skookumchuck tidal rapids. Photo by Jock Bradley


Glades of Glory
By Tom Bie

Our correspondent paddles South Florida's world-famous mangrove swamp in pursuit of a hard-fighting and peculiar fish.

The Channel
By Jeff Moag

Is skill and local knowledge enough to wrest the biggest prize in Hawaiian outrigger canoeing from the Tahitian juggernaut?


July is like every boater's birthday.

Put In
Olympic preview, kayak co-op founder Ginni Callahan, and Webcams for paddlers. Plus, C&K goes fishing.

How To
Paddle with your dog, kayak fish in moving water, and finish a home-built kayak (at last).

A trailer with style

Canoeing with Giraffe, and a life-lesson about straps.

A long shot to Labyrinth

Rants and Raves
C&K readers rip gas-guzzlers and Democrats

Adventure travel pioneer Olaf Malver

Red Canoe
Red goes hunting