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Anthony Yap has been going big in Bliss-Stick kayaks for a decade. This week, the Australian native bid adieu to the New Zealand company in the following press release:

"After 10 year's of paddling in Bliss-Stick boats, I'm sad to say that next year I will be moving on. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Bliss-Stick for everything they've done over the years and for the great partnership we've had in building the brand."

“The first kayak I ever owned was Bliss-Stick's first kayak model, the FJ-1. This was also the first freestyle kayak I'd ever seen. Since then, I've grown along side the Bliss-Stick brand, paddling every boat they have made since in my size."

“Over the years, they've served me amazingly well. The RAD 175 in particular, I have to mention, is the only freestyle boat from its era that is still tearing up waves, (helping paddlers) create new moves."

“As for my plans next year… well you guys will all just have to wait and see what I've got in the works. All shall be revealed shortly."

The paddling world will be waiting eagerly to hear. In the meantime, check out Anthony's adios video:

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And a youtube gem we think proves beyond all doubt, no matter who he paddles for, Yap is fun to watch kayak.

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