After three decades, first as Canoe Magazine and later as Canoe & Kayak, we’re the number one paddlesports resource in the world, and we intend to stay that way.

2003 is a special year for us because it marks the 30th anniversary of Canoe & Kayak Magazine. Our first issue was published and placed on the newsstand in April, 1973. Back then a first-class stamp was just eight cents, both LBJ and Pablo Picasso died, but Canoe Magazine was born. In 1994 we adopted canoeing’s sister sport, kayaking, because a survey showed that half our readers also owned kayaks. Besides the two craft, our covers have featured rivers and oceans, whitewater and flatwater, everyday paddlers and celebrity paddlers, like Burt Reynolds from Deliverance days. For the past 30 years we’ve endeavored to be “The Number One Paddlesports Resource” like we state on the cover of each issue. It’s no empty boast. As measured by paid circulation, total distribution, paid subscriptions, newsstand sales, and total readership, we are. Thanks to you, our readers.