April 17— American Rivers just released its annual "America's Most Endangered Rivers" report. This 2013 list features 10 rivers around the country facing urgent threats. Grassroots river conservationists have teamed up with American Rivers to use the report to save their local rivers.

American Rivers reviews nominations for the report from river groups and concerned U.S. citizens. It then selects rivers based on the following criteria: the river's significance to human and natural communities; a major decision (that the public can influence) in the coming year on the proposed action; the threat's size against the river and associated communities. The report also offers alternatives to proposals that would damage rivers, identifies those who make the crucial decisions and points out opportunities for the public to take action on behalf of each listed river.

Below are the top ten most endangered rivers that made it to American Rivers list.

The Colorado River; Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming

Threat: Outdated water management
At risk: Recreation economy and wildlife habitat

Flint River; Georgia

Threat: Outdated water management
At risk: Sustainable water supply for communities and farms

San Saba River; Texas

Threat: Outdated water management
At risk: River flow for ranchers, citizens, and lakes

Little Plover River; Wisconsin

Threat: Outdated water management
At risk: Fish habitat and water supply

Catawba River; North Carolina and South Carolina

Threat: Coal ash pollution
At risk: Drinking water and recreational enjoyment

Boundary Waters; Minnesota

Threat: Copper and nickel mining
At risk: Recreation economy and drinking water

Black Warrior River; Alabama

Threat: Coal mining
At risk: Drinking water quality and fish and wildlife habitat

Rough & Ready and Baldface Creeks; Oregon

Threat: Nickel mining
At risk: Pristine wilderness and botanical rarity

Kootenai River; British Columbia, Montana, and Idaho

Threat: Open-pit coal mining
At risk: Water quality and fish survival

Niobrara River; Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming
Threat: Improper sediment management
At risk: Sustainability of community, economy, and river environment
Special Mention: Merced River; California

Threat: Cutting Wild & Scenic River protections