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Shaft: Bent Carbon, Straight Carbon, Straight Glass
Feather: H2O Click Lock System 15 increments
Colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Red
Blade: Low or High Angle
210-240 cm; 760-880 grams; $199 – $390

The H2O Crystal-X Series Tour Paddles are the epitome of performance and esthetics. Made of a proprietary polymer, the transparent multi-component blade construction provides incredible performance with maximum feedback for a paddle that rivals a full carbon unit at a fraction of the price.

Shaft: Measuring Tape Straight Glass
Blade: Low Angle
200-240 cm; 890 grams; $165

The H2O-Fish is a kayak fishing-specific tool. Designed for the discerning angler the H2O-Fish features a lightweight glass straight shaft, high power blades, measuring tape in the shaft and scale hook in the blade. This is the best tool in the box

Shaft: Bent Carbon, Straight Carbon
Feather: H2O Click Lock System (15 increments)
Blade: Low or High Angle
210-240 cm; 700-800 grams; $399 – $499

The H2O-Custom Tour uses a 100% carbon blade and ultra-light aerospace grade carbon shaft. A smooth flutter-free stroke, power and absolute silence are hallmarks of this top-of-the-line touring paddle. Available in straight and bent shaft. Limited availability for 2010.

Shaft: Texalium Bent, Carbon Straight, Glass Straight
Feather: 0 / 12 / 30 / 45
Blade: H2O-2
188 -197 cm, 910-1080 grams; $169 – $339

The H2O-2 series provides solid performance with a crisp blade feel, control and enhanced comfort. Available in Grip Indexed Ergo Bent or standard straight shaft builds, the asymmetrical blade profile provides solid performance for freestyle and river running. Ergo bent Texalium shaft for improved feel.

Shaft: Carbon Straight, Glass Straight w/ Maple T-grip
Blade: H2O proprietary
48-58″; 740-790 grams; $169 – $185

The H2O-C1 paddle uses our unique blade design in a package specifically designed for the WW canoeist. The H2O-C1 features a C1-specific glass straight shaft, proprietary blade design and a maple T-grip. A Raft Guide specific version, featuring a larger blade profile and concave tip edge, is also available.