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Overall Lengths: 210cm-240cm in 10cm increments
Blade Dimensions: 6.5″ x 18.5″ dihedral spoon
Weight: 28 oz, $174.99
Blade: white cedar, butternut and bass
Shaft: ovalized fibreglass with 60-0-60 degree feathering

The Mistral is an economical high-angle kayak paddle that offers the beauty and buoyancy of a wood blade, complete with the strength of an ovalled fibreglass shaft. This paddle is a clear choice for the recreational kayaker with a light weight, durable and cambered dihedral blade.

Overall Lengths: 46″-55″ in 1″ increments
Blade Dimensions: 9″ x 19″
Weight: 13 oz, $199.99
Blade & Shaft: all carbon fibre (3 piece)

Designed primarily for marathon and outrigger canoeing, the Raven will make your sit-and-switch recreational canoeing a delight. This ultra-light 12 degree bent shaft comes with a fatigue fighting palm grip, oval shaft and cambered teardrop blade. The foam core and carbon cloth layup makes this a robust and durable paddle.

Overall Lengths: 52″-68″ in 2″ increments
Blade Dimensions: 5″ x 28″ (based on 60″ length – blade length varies with overall length)
Weight: 24 oz (based on 60″ length), $107.00
Blade & Shaft: one piece solid black cherry with a plastic insert tip

Made from one piece of select back cherry, this paddle is designed for extended, all day canoeing. Features include a ‘football’ style grip with an oval shaft and a cambered, knife-edged blade. This paddle has a soft to medium flex throughout and comes with an oil or varnish finish.

Overall Lengths: 52″-66″ in 2″ increments
Blade Dimensions: 7″ x 22.5″
Weight: 24 oz (based on 58″ length), $59.99
Blade: 7 laminations of cherry, bass and butternut with plastic tip
Shaft: 3 laminations of ash and bass

As our top selling model, this modestly priced paddle shines in almost all aspects of canoeing. Light and rugged with a compact blade, the Voyageur works well in the shallows or deep moving water. It is an ideal paddle for bow or stern and comes with a cambered blade and varnished finish.

Overall Lengths: 78″-84″ in 1″ increments
Blade Dimensions: 9″ x 19″
Weight: 26 oz, $174.99
Blade: 11 laminations of white cedar, bass, butternut,walnut and ash
Shaft: carbon fibre
Handle: maple modified mushroom grip

This beautiful stand up paddle is designed for the entry level flat water paddles to the elite surf rider. The curved dihedral blade comes in a large or small size to fit both larger and smaller athletes. The adjustable carbon shaft with our unique T-grip insures a proper fit.