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Sun Shadow Crank
38 oz., 6.8"x21", 5.75×21", or 5.2"x19" blades and 21 laminate
basswood ergonomic crank shafts

Bending Branches revolutionized the wood paddle industry over 25 years ago with the first composite-tipped paddle. Since then, our paddles have propelled over a million paddlers to places and experiences that are something to write home about. The unique Sun Shadow Crank offers a natural flex and softness that is easy on the body and hands, entering and exiting the water quietly with a smooth profiled front and back face that is otherwise only available in the most expensive of synthetic paddles. You'll love the feel of this paddle in your hands.

18 oz., 18"x20" (118 sq. in.) with bent or straight shafts
What motivates you to find your place on the water? Getting away? Getting together? Regardless, the experience will be even more pleasurable if you're propelled by a quality paddle. That's where the Espresso comes in. Using a blend of beauty and technology, the Espresso was designed with you in mind. You'll glide with ease and efficiency using this lightweight, durable paddle. The Espresso blade is wrapped with fiberglass and full Rockgard protection. This is a must-have for your paddle quiver.

15 oz., 7.9"x17" (standard, 99 sq. in.) / 17 oz., 8.1"x19"
(XL, 115 sq. in.) with T-700 carbon shafts

Years of craftsmanship are combined with state of the art technology in this lightweight premium canoe paddle. We've taken our finest T-700 aerospace carbon shaft and applied it to a well-balanced laminate "sunburst" blade design. Careful thought, by our skilled craftsmen, is put into each handcrafted blade, making this a true work of art. You'll find this to be an extremely durable paddle as well, with wrap-around Rockgard blade protection. Whether you are a canoe elitist or just dream of being one, you'll be sure to get noticed on the water with the Sunburst in your hands.

Sun Shadow
21 oz., 8"x20" (118 sq. in.) with bent or straight shafts
Like all Bending Branches paddles, this one has been crafted by people who've been making paddles for 25+ years. People who truly share your passion for canoeing. As with all our wood paddles, the Sun Shadow is made from sustainable agriculturally-grown hardwoods. This exotic and eye-catching paddle is protected by our patented Rockgard tip and is treated with our environmentally friendly finish. The Sun Shadow has a narrow ovalized shaft and ergonomically designed grip – crafted to fit your smaller hands comfortably. Feel the warmth and see the beauty.

24 oz., 9"x20" (128.5 sq. in.) in double-bend shafts
When durability and efficiency are your focus, you need not look any further than our Viper expedition paddle. The ergonomic double-bend design aligns both wrists to reduce fatigue. This paddle is both stunning to look at and to paddle. Designed with the solid protection of our patented Rockgard, state-of-the-art laminates and a fiberglass blade wrap, you can focus your attention on navigating, knowing your paddle will perform.