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32 oz., 6.75″x18″ (89 with aluminum shafts
A true kids kayak paddle at an affordable price. The Splash is a lightweight, durable paddle that will keep kids on the water longer, with many features found only on expensive models. Designed with kids in mind, the Splash has a smaller shaft diameter to provide a more comfortable grip and reduce hand fatigue. The smaller blade design allows for a smooth easy stroke and is well-balanced to reduce flutter. The 2-piece design allows the paddle to be taken apart and easily transported and stored, the precision ground composite ferrule creates a tight connection and the shaft is sealed for floatation.


35 oz. (220 cm) 6.75″x18″ (89 sq. in.) with fiberglass shafts
The Sunrise GS paddle offers unbeatable value and performance. With moderate-sized asymmetrical blades to help reduce wrist and hand fatigue. This paddle works well for high and low angle paddling. The lightweight, durable blades are made from glass-reinforced polypropylene and have a dihedral power face to minimize blade flutter. Combine the Sunrise blades with our lightweight fiberglass shaft and our precision ground ferrule, and you have the best entry level recreational paddle under $100.


30 oz. (carbon 220 cm) 6.9″x17.5″ (95 sq. in.) with aluminum, fiberglass or carbon shafts
Slice through the water with ease. The aggressive blade design is perfect for those demanding power and performance. The Slice is great for all types of paddling. Made from glass-reinforced nylon, the asymmetrical blades are balanced to reduce fatigue. The Slice is available in two shaft materials, the durable lightweight fiberglass or performance carbon, perfectly balanced to reduce swing weight. This paddle has been a top seller since it hit the market.


30 oz. (carbon 220 cm) 6.1″x19.1″ (93 sq. in.) with fiberglass or carbon shafts
Glide along in peace and tranquility with this paddle. The Glide is a high performance touring blade that is well balanced and easy to pull through the water. Perfect for day-tripping, river running or exploring. Our design team has taken care to put all the performance features you demand into the blade design, ideal for low-angle paddling. The durable glass-reinforced blades are brightly colored for safety. Let the fun begin with the BB Glide paddle in your hands!


35oz., 6.9″x17.5″ (95 with fiberglass shafts
Let the BB Slice Angler take you to the big one. This paddle comes in a highly visible color with a sufficient sized blade to provide the power and acceleration needed for sit on top boats. Your angling buddies will be jealous when they see a tape measure permanently sealed into the shaft for easy use. Do not forget to point out the unique hook retrieval system built into the blade for easy snag removal.