Putting the map away in the Seat Pad/Bag.

Putting the map away in the Frost River Seat Pad/Bag.

Canoe Accessory Bags by Frost River

The waxed canvas, waterproof bags designed by Frost River are products my grandmother would have called, 'cunning'. The Thwart Bag, the Seat Pad/Bag, and the Bow Bag all keep the daily essentials easily available. Frost River manufactures an entire line of waxed canvas packs, duffels, luggage, tents and more, but I'm particularly keen on the versatility of the accessory bags, which basically give you a briefcase-sized pouch under the seat (not to mention some extra padding under the butt), a thwart bag capable of carrying lunch, water bottle and snacks, and the bow bag for handy storage of gloves, hats, and a wind shell. All of it an easy grab away without disrupting the float or destabilizing the canoe. Outfitted with all three bags, nearly 1,500 cubic inches of storage capacity, most day outings don't require any additional dry bags. The coated canvas is proven waterproof, and the heavy-gauge coil zippers are easy to handle with gloves on. Frost River's traditional, northwoods-style construction combines canvas, leather and brass fittings in handsome, rugged and truly durable products. Pick the style that works, hang it in the boat. You won't regret it.

— Intel: Seat Pad/Bag – $90; Thwart Bag – $85; Bow Bag – $70; www.frostriver.com

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Frost River Thwart Bag.

Frost River Thwart Bag.

Bow Bag.

Frost River Bow Bag.