By: Conor Mihell

Dave and Amy Freeman’s North American Odyssey

This spring, the Wilderness Classroom’s 11,700-mile paddling epic wraps up with a continues journey from the Great Lakes to the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, the Atlantic Coast and the Florida Keys (Read more).

Glenn Charles’ Spare Seat on the Hudson

For three weeks in May, adventure vagrant Glenn Charles and Richard Harpham will pilot tandem sea kayaks from Niagara Falls to the Statue of Liberty, inviting lucky locals to join them and experience the natural highways of the east.

Sturges and Fisher on the Congo

Whitewater superstars Steve Fisher, Rush Sturges and Ben Marr completed the first descent of the Congo River’s Inga Rapids at a mind-blowing 1.5 million cfs. Watch for a video in 2012.

Triaks on the Sea of Cortez

Starting in January, whitewater boaters Tyler Bradt and Erik Boomer teamed up with Arctic explorer and windsports expert Sarah McNair-Landry to sail trimaran kayaks 450 miles across the Sea of Cortez (See more on Boomer here).

Freya’s Second Continent

After rounding Cape Horn in January, Freya Hoffmeister knocked off one of the biggest challenges in her bid to circumnavigate South America (See more on Hoffmeister).

Hansen’s Amazon Express

Texas speed-paddling demon West Hansen sets out this summer on his Epic V8 surfski to bag on a new solo, source-to-sea speed record on the Amazon River’s daunting 4,225 miles

Tanya Faux’s Women of Kimberley

A group of eight Aussie women led by veteran whitewater boater Tanya Faux are attempting a 30-day raft expedition on the Class V Isdell and Charnley rivers of wild Kimberley region of Australia that’s imperiled by industrial development.

Seven Rivers, Seven Continents

Adventurer Mark Kalch’s 21,500-mile effort to paddle the longest waterway on each continent continues in 2012 after completing the Missouri-Mississippi system in 2011.

Josh Tart’s Great Loop

Kayak fishing enthusiast and first-time tripper Josh Tart continues his 6,000-mile sit-on-top journey around the eastern United States (Read more).

Aleksander Doba

Will Aleksander the Great attempt the Pacific? At last report, the Polish sea kayaker was arranging repairs for the 23-foot boat he used to cross the Atlantic in 2011 (Read more).