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Ben Orkin
Ben Orkin Grand Canyon Speed Descent

Adventurer: Ben Orkin
What: A record-setting, myth-busting 34-hour run on the Colorado.
How: In January, Ben Orkin survived a midnight swim in Lava Falls and claimed the Grand Canyon speed record. He set the mark two days after a team of paddlers shattered the original 32-year-old standard.
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Mick O'Meara
Mick O’Meara Ireland Speed Circumnavigation


Adventurer: Mick O'Meara
What: Sea kayaker laps the Emerald Isle in 23 days.
How: Last July, Irishman Mick O'Meara completed a 930-mile, self-supported journey around his native island, setting a new speed record.

Disappearing Rio Grande Expedition
Disappearing Rio Grande Expedition

Adventurer: Colin McDonald
What: A solo expedition to rediscover the Rio Grande.
How: Colin McDonald traveled 1,900 miles by foot, kayak, canoe and raft to document the threats to this iconic river.

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Dale Sanders
Grey Beard Adventurer Dale Sanders Mississippi Source-to-Sea

Adventurer: Dale Sanders
What: 80-year-old "river angel" solos the Big Muddy.
How: Last summer, Dale Sanders made a 10-week solo canoe descent of the Mississippi River to raise awareness of juvenile diabetes.

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Paddling Home
Paddling Home

Adventurer: Benoit Gendreau-Berthiaume, Magali Moffat, and Mali
What: A family's 2,500-mile canoe journey across Canada.
How: Last summer, Benoit Gendreau-Berthiaume and Magali Moffat and their five-year-old son, Mali, canoed from Edmonton to Montreal.
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Dan Clark
Together to the TundraVote

Adventurer: Dan Clark, Alice Young Clark, Koby, Ava Fei, Bruce Bembridge and Marilyn Toulouse
What: Extended family takes on northern wilderness travel in the Canadian Barrenlands following an ancient route.
How: Dan Clark, Alice Young Clark and their children, Koby, 8, and Ava Fei, 6, along with Bruce Bembridge and Marilyn Toulouse, made an epic, century-old, 600-mile circuit to the isolated northern tundra, paddling across the Great Slave Lake, surviving a pinned canoe and infamous Arctic bugs.

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