A sea kayak on Two Island Lake in Cook County, Minnesota.

Bryan Hansel

Hansel is a photographer, writer and kayaking instructor based in Grand Marais, Minn. He owns North Shore Expeditions, a kayak guiding company devoted to helping people explore Lake Superior’s north shore and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. "I feel lucky to live in an area with such great beauty. There's something about this area that seems to lure people back." This photo was a winner of the People’s Choice Photo Contest.

More of Hansel's work can be seen at bryanhansel.com

Erik Boomer at Sahalie Falls, Oregon.

Mike Leeds

With a passion for whitewater photography, this Idaho native consistently finds himself shooting the best athletes our sport has to offer. "It's an interesting job and also stressful watching some of your good friends run large waterfalls and dangerous rivers," says the regular contributor to C&K. "They’re searching for their moment of connection with the water, and I’m trying to capture it."

Leeds’ work can be viewed at mikeleedsphotography.com.

Evan Garcia at Aqua Azul.

Lane Jacobs

Although Jacobs was raised on some of the finest whitewater between the Mississippi River and Rocky Mountains, he realized he needed more water and more paddling days. Jacobs now resides in White Salmon, Wash. and has been paddling the great rivers of the Pacific Northwest for the last 10 years. In between paddling days, Jacobs finds time for photography, kiteboarding, paragliding and skiing. He works as a registered nurse.

Terri Cairns checking out the night sky on the banks of the Big Salmon in mid-October—very late in the season in the far north.

Peter Mather

Hailing from the Yukon Territory, Whitehorse-based photographer Peter Mather has brought a fresh look on wilderness canoe tripping to C&K. With a penchant for traditional gear and modern cameras, Mather has explored and photographed many of the rivers of Northern Canada. "My goal in sharing my experiences and images is to inspire and encourage folks to get outside, explore, adventure and expand our appreciation of our planet."

Mather's work can be viewed at petermather.com

Bill Oliphant on Yellowstone Lake.

Norm Miller

Growing up along the banks of the Ausable River in Grayling Mich., Miller was terrified his first time in a canoe. Since then however, Miller has explored many miles of rivers and oceans, mostly solo.

Norman was always interested in early explorers and historic maps. He retraced the historic routes of Alexander Mackenzie through Canada to the Arctic Ocean and the Lewis & Clark trail from the Missouri up to the Pacific. Miller lives on the banks of the Yellowstone River in Livingston, Mont. and is still afraid of water. This photo was a winner of the People’s Choice Photo Contest.

Miller's work can be viewed at normanmiller.zenfolio.com

Shannamar Dewey dropping through Nishizawa Canyon, Japan.

Darin McQuoid

Darin McQuoid is a California-based whitewater photographer and paddler. His work is well-known to the C&K audience, with his distinctive "boater's-eye perspectives" documenting whitewater expeditions in California's high country and around the world.

Over the years McQuoid has amassed tons of river route and camera knowledge.

To learn more, visit his website at www.kayakphoto.com

Dru Lyall surfs while Sean Allen watches. Skookumchuck narrows BC.

Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers is a British Columbia-based photographer and frequent C&K contributor. Originally from the north of England, Rogers has been a whitewater kayaker for more than 25 years. He paddled all over the globe before settling down in southwest B.C.’s beautiful Coast Mountains, where he stays active in the paddling scene between working and raising a growing family.

Rogers' work can be viewed at steveophotos.com

Justine Curgenven, Shawna Franklin and Leon Somme navigate the tidal surges of Deception Pass, Wash.

Kirk Mastin

Kirk Mastin is a Seattle-based portrait, documentary and fine art photographer. His environmental portrait work has appeared consistently in C&K over the years. Mastin is relatively unique in that he continues to work with medium format film for most of his shoots. "Film is not about resolution or sharpness, but about the beautiful color palette and soft tonal transitions that makes it look alive, organic and, in some strange way, authentic."

Mastin is currently working on several book projects as well as a series of instructional videos that will help others learn how to match digital files to film images.

Visit mastinlabs.com and mastinstudio.com to learn more.

Marcelo Galizio's second successful drop of Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan.

Dan Englund

This image is actually a composite, created from a series of video frame grabs from an SLR camera. Dan Englund used a remote helicopter to reach this unique position as Marcelo Galizio’s made his second successful drop of Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan. Englund manages Aerial Vantage Productions, specializing in aerial video and still photography with the use of a specialized remote control helicopter. This photo was a winner of the People’s Choice Photo Contest.

Visit aerialvantageproductions.com to learn more.

Maxi Kniewasser running and shooting Little Qualicum Falls, Vancouver Island

Maxi Kniewasser

The 28-year-old Canadian had an unlikely start to his mountain passion. Born in “the flattest place on earth” (northern Germany), he moved ever farther west before finally settling in Vancouver, BC. In this West Coast town Kniewasser doesn’t have to choose between kayaking and skiing. In fact they complement each other. When the snow falls on the local mountains he gets doubly excited as the snowmelt herald's a new kayaking season. “I get to recycle the fun,” he says. Somehow, he still finds time to write his master’s thesis on Canadian energy policy. Or does he?

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