Winner: The Patagonian Triple Crown
Entry below from White Salmon, Washington’s Evan Garcia

“The Patagonian Triple Crown is a trip I’ve dreamt of for years. This expedition will bring a group of 4 paddlers to the furthest corners of Chile to descend its three most infamous rivers from their source to the Pacific Ocean. The Rio Baker, Rio Bravo, and Rio Pascua are all incredibly remote wild class five river expeditions. To complete a source to sea on all 3 of these rivers would be a monumental feat of whitewater, intelligence, and athleticism. Each river brings its own unique challenge. They are all class V expeditions but they come at their own price. Trans-Andean hikes, days of flat water, and logistical nightmares will create a one of a kind adventure. We will face some of the biggest whitewater in some of the most remote wilderness on earth, but that's not what we are worried about. Just getting to and from these rivers will be the true test. My reason for choosing this trip is due to the amount of time I have spent in Chile. It has become my 2nd home and I owe so much to this beautiful place. I want to make a documentary to showcase these hyper endangered rivers and surrounding communities. Hopefully through our project the viewers will see the importance of free flowing rivers, fresh water, and native culture. I want to bring mass attention, knowledge, and protection to the truly wild and untouched areas left on our planet! I want to bring a team of 4 paddlers to the tip of the world and do something rugged and real to fight for something I believe in!”