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Red Carpets are generally a celebratory experience, filled with excitement and anticipation, where guests flaunt the latest fashions and talk about upcoming projects. Minus the mohawks, baggy attire and river sandals, the Canoe & Kayak Awards were no different. Every personality who stepped to the microphone was in fine form and completely amped to share the night with their paddling peers. The following are a few nuggets of goodness we captured as the sport’s most colorful celebrities entered the event. —Joe Carberry

Evan Garcia on the Red Carpet

Male Paddler of the Year winner Evan Garcia talks about where he's been the last year and what he thinks of the sport and its athletes.

Adriene Levknecht on the Red Carpet

Female Paddler of the Year nominee Adriene Levknecht at the Canoe & Kayak Awards discusses her switch from creekboating to freestyle for the 2013 Freestyle Kayaking World Championship in North Carolina.

Jason Craig on the Red Carpet

Paddle with Purpose presenter Jason Craig to his time in recovery and how the kindness of others brought him back to the sport he loves.

Tommy Hilleke on the Red Carpet

Male Paddler of the Year presenter Tommy Hilleke talks about where he thinks the sport is heading.

Rob Lesser on the Red Carpet

Lifetime Achievement winner Rob Lesser talks about his life as a hardcore paddler during the 1980s and 1990s—most notably his first descent of the Stikine, which has stood the test of time in whitewater accomplishments.

Tom Sherburne on the Red Carpet

C&K Senior Editor Joe Carberry interviews Shred Ready's Tom Sherburne about all he’s seen with the progression of paddling.