Photo by David Jackson

Photo by David Jackson

Ben Marr


KNOWN FOR: Unmatched big wave prowess and big water style. First D of Site Zed on the Stikine and the Congo's Inga Rapids with Fisher, Sturges and Bradt. Also, the hair.

THIS YEAR: Ben Marr's springtime "stakeout" exploits in Eastern Canada consistently produce the most impressive images in freestyle kayaking, and this year was no different as he explored the potential of new waves on the flooded rivers of Ontario and Quebec. Marr also pushed the limits in his creekboat on the exploratory Destination Torngat expedition to Labrador. He placed fourth in the Rey Del Rio waterfall competition, and a trip to Veracruz, Mexico, showed Marr catching hair-raising eddies at the lip of enormous waterfalls. The irreverent Out to Lunch video series, produced with partner-in-crime Rush Sturges, combines amazing paddling exploits with off-water antics.

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