In an age when filmmaking, paddling and media coverage have reached unparalleled heights, it was fitting that the Film Achievement Award kicked off the second annual Canoe & Kayak Awards on Aug. 1 at Salt Lake City. It was also fitting that Fish Munga, which set the new standard for whitewater location filming and documentary story telling, would win the award.

Fish Munga founder Steve Fisher, produced, directed and paddled in “CONGO: The Grand Inga Project,” a feature-length film documenting the first descent of the world’s largest whitewater rapids. Fisher, Rush Sturges, Tyler Bradt and Ben Marr completed the Congo River’s 1.6-million cfs crux in October 2011. The sweeping film Fisher released in August 2012 documents the history of the Congo river and the team’s efforts to gain access to, and then run, the world’s biggest rapids.