West Marine

West Marine Viking Kayak Profish 400 Lite

The Profish 400 Lite sets comfort, performance, and stability benchmarks for all fishing kayaks.Filling the "mid-size" category the Profish 400 takes Vikings incredibly robust design and wraps it in a package weighing just 57 lbs (unruddered) without compromising. The cockpit has been ergonomically designed for greater comfort for paddlers of all sizes while still allowing the use of a variety of seating options for a truly custom fit. The sides have been scalloped to allow greater paddling efficiency while allowing maximum stability for all paddlers from those new to the sport discovering kayaking for the first time to the expert targeting trophy fish in big water. Standard features are 4 Flush Mount Rod Holders, Mid Deck Tackle Storage System with Cover, 2 Waterproof hatches for inside accessability and storage and Comfort High Backed Seat. Add the optional Tackle Pod, Rudder and Reat Tankwell Fish Bag for the ultimate experience. Whether on “Big Water” or the local lake, the Profish 400 Lite takes you to your favorite fishing spots, whether it is Plan A, Plan B or Plan C, even when the fish are not cooperating. The Profish 400 Lite will be availalbe in Coral (Yellow, Red, Black) and Aurora (Blue/Black)

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West Marine

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Fishing Kayaks

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Plastic – Rotomolded

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$1079 – $1699