Viking Profish 400

The Viking Kayak Profish 400 Lite is an excellent paddling kayak suitable for long offshore excursions as well as inshore paddles. Being lightweight makes it easy to load on to roof racks and carry to and from the water. The Viking Kayaks Profish 400 kayak is a performance kayak specializing in kayak fishing with it's numerous features and additional accessories for managing tackle/gear, improving comfort, and maintaining speed. The cockpit has been ergonomically designed for greater comfort for paddlers of all sizes while still allowing the use of a variety of seating options for a truly custom fit. The bow is styled off of the typical New Zealand paddling kayak design – which allows the 13'2" 54 pound kayak to consistently perform well in inshore and offshore conditions. All Viking Kayaks Profish 400s come with a Tackle Pod. The Tackle Pod system offers the ability to have a fully integrated and removable depth finder, battery, and transducer setup combined with a large tackle storage space. It's now quick and easy to remove or reload your valuable depth finder, transducer, and tackle – the ultimate in convenience. This tackle management system is a removable and easily accessible tackle box, hatch, accessory mounting platform, and transducer install and allows you to mount your fish finder or depth finder. The Viking Kayak Profish 400 comes stock at Viking Kayak Retailers nationally with 2 bucket hatches, a Tackle Pod, and a stern mounted Railblaza StarPort.

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13′ 6″






Plastic – Rotomolded

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