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Pygmy Taiga Wilderness Tripper Canoe

Taiga Tripper Review, Canoe & Kayak Magazine: “After years of designing and producing stitch-and-glue touring kayak kits, John Lockwood now offers a canoe for the paddler/builder. The finished product draws admiring stares from passersby, and it handles well on the water, too. The canoe nearly resembles a lapstrake boat, or better yet, a wooden version of fabric stretched over an internal frame. But there’s no internal frame, and the “fabric” is wood veneer.” We named our canoe kit, the Taiga, after the great north woods, where some of the largest tracts of wilderness remain. This area is sprinkled with lakes and rivers of all sizes. Retreating glaciers left behind some of the finest wilderness paddling. Our new Taiga tracks nicely and displays good manners in a wide variety of conditions. Although designed with extended wilderness paddlers in mind, her easy handling, good stability and low weight make her an excellent choice for weekend and day excursions as well. The Taiga WT, follows lines of tradition. Designer John Lockwood studied countless traditional canoes during the development stages. With few exceptions, original tripper canoes had symmetrical re-curved ends and tumble home sides. The Taiga is the first stitch and glue canoe kit that incorporates traditional tripper canoe design. Re-curved bow and stern and tumble home are characteristics that have been lost in mass produced plastic and fiberglass boats due to the difficulty of pulling them off molds. This is not the case when you build the beautiful Taiga from precision pre-cut panels. Construction is a snap. (Check out our kit construction page to learn more about stitch and glue construction: The pre-cut panels quickly wire up around five temporary frames. A rugged sheathing of fiberglass cloth both inside and out protect her Okoume wood core. Details include beautiful ash gunwales, thwarts and seats. Comfortable, classy wicker seats cushion the tail for hours of comfortable paddling. We’ve loaded her down with 700 lbs of camping gear and paddlers (including 70 pounds of food, a 4-man tent, sleeping bags, large air/foam sleeping pad, clothing bags, pots and pans, a cast iron frying pan, fire grill, folding aluminum chairs, personal gear, 3 fishing poles, two tackle boxes, plus the kitchen sink) and spirited her away for a month paddle on Canada’s immense Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories. John was amazed at how she held pace with other kayaks on the trip. Whether you take a month and head to the far north woods or an afternoon to explore local waters, the Taiga wilderness tripper can be your key to solitude. If you have been waiting for a classic wood canoe, one that embodies the tradition of wilderness travel, one that will take you from your busy life to quiet solitude, one that you can proudly say you built yourself, wait no longer. Build yourself a Taiga Wilderness Tripper and get out of the office and onto the water.

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