Pygmy Selkie

True to Her Name: Selkies are mythological creatures said to live as seals in the sea but shed their skin to become human on land. In the folklore of many cultures these shapeshifters are ever curious and charming creatures who enjoy playing in the surf and exploring the shore but must always to return to the sea. Our newest design, the Selkie, takes two of our most popular boats (The Arctic Tern 14 and the Murrelet) and marries them into one elegant, light weight boat that petite women, or those looking for a tight fitting play boat, will love. Petite paddlers love the snug fit and lower volume deck for higher angle paddle strokes. It features a low sheer line with the Murrelet style, cutaway side deck panels that allow more body rotation and a more efficient use of a Greenland paddle. Small women have rejoiced at finally having a low volume boat that fits! Since her introduction she has been paddled by a continuous stream of woman ranging from 4’9″ to 5’4″ who were absolutely thrilled that they finally had a boat designed specifically for them and that is lightweight enough for them to cartop. Like the original Greenlandic sealskin kayaks the new Selkie is a hard-chined 14′ x 22.5″ boat designed for petite women or for larger paddlers who want a low volume kayak to play in the surf.

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