Pygmy Pinguino Series

Magazine Review: “The Pinguino hits the mark dead-on, a recreational-style kayak for the home builder. It is perfectly suited for photography or bird watching and its stable behavior made it confidence inspiring, fun, and easy to paddle.” With her introduction the Pinguino 145 quickly rocketed to the top of our boat line to become our best selling boats. The Pinguino design is a great choice for paddlers who want the quickness, lightweight, and joy of paddling a Pygmy, but prefer a roomier cockpit, and high initial stability. The Pinguino 145’s larger cockpit and greater stability make it a perfect choice for fishing, photography, bird watching, or a relaxing day on the water. Pinguino is Spanish for Penguin and, like the penguin, the Pinguino’s short and broad appearance belies its grace, quickness and agility on the water. The Pinguino 145’s big advantage is the fact she has less wetted surface and less frictional drag than longer boats. For example, despite the fact that the Pinguino 145 is two-and-a-half inches wider and much more stable than the Arctic Tern 17, she has 9.8% less wetted surface and frictional drag, meaning it takes 9.8% less effort to paddle at cruising speeds. She, and the Pinguino 145 4PD, are great choices for anyone who routinely paddles with someone stronger than they are. For smaller paddlers, people who like a snugger fit, or those that want to take her into the surf zone or rock gardens be sure to consider the Pinguino 145 4PD. The Pinguino 145-4PD’s lower deck and smaller 17″x33″ cockpit is for smaller folks or those who don’t want the huge cockpit commonly found on recreational kayaks. She, like the Pinguino Sport, is great in the surf zone or rock gardens where you’ll be bracing or rolling. Folks who want the stability and shorter length of the Pinguino but don’t plan to tour, should consider the Pinguino Sport. At only 13 feet, the Pinguino Sport’s size makes her an excellent choice for stowing on the deck of a larger boat for day paddling from a “mothership”. The entire Pinguino series is stable, comfortable, and well Mannered. She tracks solidly, but thanks to her shorter length is quick to turn. She lays over securely on edge and cuts a very rapid chine (leaned) turn. The Pygmy four panel deck design brings the sheer down, so even with her 25.5” beam, the Pinguino still allows comfortable low or high angle stroke. She has a large 19”x36” cockpit, and can also be ordered with a 17”x33” cockpit opening for smaller paddlers. The Pinguino 145 4PD with her smaller, arched cockpit design is only available in the 17″ x 33″ cockpit size.

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3 Layups: $1,089 – $1,159