Pygmy Osprey 13 / Osprey Std

Osprey Std Magazine: “This is a fine cruising, fishing, and general use boat for a larger and intermediate level paddler. Its comfort and sea handling characteristics are excellent. It is light, simple and does everything well.” The Osprey-Standard is a 24″ beam, medium volume kayak, and fits average size adults. She provides comfortable foot room for a person with up to a men’s size 12 shoe. Beginners and intermediate paddlers, alike, buy her for her performance and graceful lines. Use her on open saltwater coastline, bays, lakes, and meandering rivers. People as short as 5’1″ find her stable, easy to paddle without having to raise their shoulders, and easy to cartop alone. Folks as tall as 6’4″ choose her for her light weight and speed.Whether you intend to day paddle or tour for 2 weeks, the Osprey-Standard easily does the job. At 38 pounds, she will outstrip most other kayaks on day paddles. We hope you don’t mind waiting for your friends in their heavier plastic and fiberglass boats. You will experience a similar advantage on longer tours. Saving 25-30% on boat weight makes a difference when carrying 100 pounds of gear, plus yourself. Our okoume panels, epoxy laminated between layers of 6 oz. glass cloth, makes the Standard as strong and rugged as fiberglass boats. Her beauty is incomparable. Enjoy her for a lifetime of adventures. | The Osprey 13 borrowed the Osprey Standard’s efficient and light hull. To it we added our patented four panel deck. The Osprey 13 suits paddlers 5’3″ and under. Short adults and teens, and kids down to 50″ enjoy the feel of this kayak. It truly fits. Depth at cockpit is 10 1/2″. Because of this shallow depth and 22″ beam, you can grip under the deck with your knees. Take low angled, relaxed paddling strokes and never hitch your shoulders to clear the deck. Having a kayak light enough to walk down tricky trails and transport solo is crucial for independent paddling. The Osprey-13 is a great boat for pre-teens and younger children. For many children building a Osprey-13 and letting them grow into it is a good choice. The Osprey-13′ holds 60 pounds of gear, plus the paddler. Weekend touring is a snap. If you pack as efficiently as a backpacker, you can go out for a week.

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2 Layups: $929 – $1,119