Pygmy Murrelet Series

Magazine Reviews: "Rolling is a real pleasure with this kayak" | It's "A rolling machine, even hand rolls are not difficult.”| “Excellent cruising speed, with excellent acceleration, and good sprint speed as well." | “The Murrelet is a "great kayak for Greenland-style rolling, and yet has some stowage advantages for long trips. I loved the light weight for car-topping and enjoyed paddling and showing off this wooden beauty. It's stable enough for athletic beginners, and a playful, rough-water rolling machine for the experts." The Murrelet series is our newest 17 foot multi-chine hull made for those who like a high-performance kayak. At 22 inches wide she is thin and sleek, but retains very comfortable initial stability. She's got Pygmy's trademark tracking and handling. She executes leaned turns beautifully and is very well behaved in wind and waves. Though this kayak is designed with the Greenland roll in mind, this is a great performance touring kayak for intermediate kayakers or novices looking to expand their skillset. With two hulls, two cockpits and four decks to choose from she’s one of the most customizeable kayaks on the market. The rear cockpit height of all four models has been lowered to allow advanced paddlers, who execute Greenland rolls, to lie back flat on the rear deck. The Murrelet 1PD, 2PD, and 4PD all radically lower the rear cockpit to facilitate your favorite Greenland style roll, while the cockpit sweeps up in a stylish arch to allow a closer paddle stroke with more knee height and foot room. Hull version one tracks strongly while hull version two is our most maneuverable touring kayak. If you are looking for a play-boat to use in currents, rock gardens or surf, or want a short boat feel in a 17 foot sea kayak, hull version two is for you. If you are looking for an exercise boat or a touring boat and want a stiffer feel, hull version one is an excellent choice. Both versions roll beautifully, track well and are sleek and fast. The hull options allow you to choose what degree of maneuverability you want.

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22 -24 “




Wood Composite

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4 Layups: $1,179 – 1,199