Pygmy Arctic Tern 17 & Arctic Tern Hi

Arctic Tern Voted Best Kit Kayak, Sea Kayaker Reader’s Choice Awards: “If you’re going to build a kayak, you’ll want one worthy of your investment in time and effort. The Arctic Tern will reward your efforts with a finished product that’s as pleasing to look at as it is to paddle.” Pygmy Boat designer, John Lockwood, created this sea kayak with a graceful Greenland style hull. He named her the Arctic Tern in honor of the sleek, migratory birds which accompanied him on a 2-month solo wilderness paddle in Canada's Northwest Territories. A world innovator in computerized hull design, Lockwood carefully crafted this stitch-n-glue kit boat with versatility in mind. He gave the Arctic Tern a strong tracking keel. When you want to alter course quickly, lean over on her hard chines and cut fast, graceful turns. The sweet balance between tracking and turning in this hull results from Lockwood's years of CAD boat design expertise and 30 years of extended wilderness paddling. The Arctic Tern lies firmly in the ancient Arctic kayak tradition–no tracking aids required. Good initial stability and excellent secondary stability make her stable enough for beginners and exciting enough to entice highly skilled paddlers. Her ability to perform crisp, tight chine turns, coupled with high volume bow and stern, make her a good choice for those who like to paddle in rough water or surf zones. Experienced paddlers have grown to appreciate the ease with which a traditional Greenland hull responds to a lean. Lockwood adapted the classic Greenland style to modern trends. The Arctic Tern's elegant, multi-paneled deck gives new functionality to the hull form of her ancient predecessors. Her low deck amidships allows a steep and relaxed paddle approach. The Pygmy cambered deck is comfortable for small to large paddlers. Over size 12 are good candidates for the Arctic Tern Hi.

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2 Layups: $1,079 – $1,109