Pygmy Arctic Tern 14

Arctic Tern 14 Magazine Review: “So light to lift. Every time I hefted it, I was thrilled by how easy it was to shoulder carry…This boat puts a solo carry within the ability of paddlers for whom it was previously not possible.” | “The Tern 14 is a godsend for smaller boaters. Its shallow cockpit design, nimble handling and light weight are coupled with straight tracking and good speed.” In response to a growing number of folks who want versatility, John Lockwood developed our Arctic Tern 14. The initial inspiration for her was to create a small play boat. The end result was much more. Her crisp hard chines make her very responsive to lean turns, an ideal characteristic for playing in the surf zone. Teens and smaller adults will relish in the fact that there is a touring boat just their size. A lower wetted surface makes keeping pace with larger boats a pleasure, not a chore. At thirty-two pounds and fourteen feet, she is extremely easy to car top. | In response to a request from Michael Powers, Tsunami Ranger and kayaker extraordinaire, John designed the Arctic Tern 14. Michael wanted a smaller, more maneuverable kayak that he could take into the rock gardens and sea caves along the coast of Oregon. Soon after it’s release the Arctic Tern 14 became our second best selling sea kayak as it became a popular boat to take into the surf and rock gardens along the entire west coast. Her recessed cockpit makes executing rolls and braces in rough water easier. | Although the Arctic Tern 14 was designed with advanced paddlers in mind, the end result was much more. Teens and smaller adults will relish the fact that there is a touring boat just their size. Her lower wetted surface gives her a cruising speed advantage over longer boats and makes keeping pace with larger, stronger paddlers in longer boats a pleasure, not a chore. The Arctic Tern 14 is ideal for paddlers 4’10″ up to 6’ with shoe size up to 11.

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