What do you do when a black bear takes a culinary interest in your kayak? In this video, Mary Maley tries pretty much everything and, well, just watch.

“During a solo kayak trip, intended to go from from Ketchikan, Alaska to Petersburg, Alaska, a bear attacked my kayak,” she writes on her YouTube page.

“This incident occurred outside of a US Forest Service cabin in Berg Bay, Wrangell District, Alaska. I had just carried my tent, food, and all my gear into the cabin to dry while I went on a 4-mile hike that begins just behind the cabin. I heard something outside as I ate my lunch, and well, I never got to go on that hike,” she writes.

“This video is taken 5 minutes after the attack began. He continued to gnaw on the kayak for another 5 or 10 minutes after the video ends.”

With her Delta 15 sea kayak too damaged to paddle, Maley could have been left stranded. Instead, she swam out to a sailboat anchored in the bay. The German-flagged vessel Caledonia carried her and her gear to Wrangell, Alaska, where she is attempting to repair her kayak now.

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