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The Colorado River to See a New Whitewater Park Next Spring


By Eugene Buchanan While kayaking play parks have sprouted up across the West in recent decades, the region’s biggest waterway, the Colorado River, only has one engineered kayaking park, the remarkably popular ‘wave’ in Glenwood Springs, Colo. That’s slated to change next spring, however, with construction of the Colorado’s second park near the Class V […]

Rush Sturges: The Athlete and the Artist


Rush Sturges is determined to reinvent his sport, and himself This story first appeared in the July 2014 issue of Canoe & Kayak. River Roots Studios occupies an upstairs flat in the quiet town of White Salmon, Washington. The snowy cone of Mount Hood looms across the Columbia River, which crawls past far below. On […]

Faces of Rey del Rio


In Mountain Mind Collective’s following Quick Flick, competitor Todd Wells captures a few of the colorful characters (and highlights) from the 2014 Rey del Rio Waterfall World Championships’ talented international roster of 18 invitees.

Eagle Creek: The Long Way


Inside Jacob Cruser and Matt King’s vertical (re-)exploration of Oregon’s Eagle Creek, becoming the first paddlers to link every previously run waterfall in a single trip.

Pat Keller claims ‘Rey del Rio’ title


Photos from Chiapas, Mexico’s innovative three-event waterfall world championship and result rundown from the ‘Rey del Rio.’

Nothing on the Rocks:


Do Nothing. Be No One. See Clearly. That was how I made my way into the Tsangpo Gorge, with this mantra repeating itself in my head. Do Nothing. Be No One. See Clearly.

2014 Green Race Almost too Close to Call


The nineteenth installment of the annual extreme creek event once again delivered on its promise of unrivaled excitement. It began Saturday morning when racers awoke to several inches of snow in the surrounding region, delaying the race one hour from its heralded “high noon” start time, and lasted through the final ceremonies where organizers struggled to name a single winner.

Hanging Spear: Headwaters of the Hudson, ACT III


Steve Fisher and Pat Keller find exactly what they’re looking for in the un-run heart of New York’s 950-foot-per-mile lower gorge of the Opalescent in this ACT III flipbook finale to our three-part story of the duo’s 2014 descent of Hanging Spear Falls.

Green Race Raw: Pre-Event Size Up


Scott McCleskey, a C-2 slalom paddler for Team USA and a Green Race veteran, has been making the rounds with his camera, interviewing athletes who’ve started to gather for the 19th annual Class V throwdown in North Carolina. Here are some of the highlights: Pat Keller, three-time champion of the Green Race, is shooting for […]

Hanging Spear: Headwaters of the Hudson, ACT II


The second of three installments looking at Pat Keller and Steve Fisher’s 2014 descent of New York’s Hanging Spear Falls and the lower gorge of the Opalescent, looks back at the history of paddlers who explored the whitewater locked deep in the 6.1-million-acre Adirondack Park.

Hanging Spear: Headwaters of the Hudson


The first of three installments looking at Pat Keller and Steve Fisher’s descent of New York’s Opalescent Gorge, deep in the 6.1-million-acre Adirondack Park tucked away in the High Peaks Wilderness of the nation’s largest state park—and climaxing in a 70-foot waterfall.

Moose on the Loose


With rainfall doubling the flow of New York’s Moose River, the MooseFest race finale to the Whitewater King of New York point series lived up to its wild reputation as the last big paddling event the year for Northeast paddlers.

Wave Sport Mobius Review


Designed by math, made for excellence the Wave Sport Mobius a kayak in which both experts and novices could excel.

Ultimate senior project: the custom kayak


“Having put in the work to make it a reality and having felt the effort that went into every fiber makes the boat that much more special for me.” — Quinn Connell, who recently paddled his way to an engineering degree at Dartmouth, using an independent study to learn the pitfalls and rewards of crafting a custom composite freestyle kayak.

Sickline Photos: Two Champions Repeat at the 2014 Extreme Race


Both defending champions held onto their titles at this year’s Sickline extreme kayak race in Austria. Joe Morley from Leeds, Great Britain, put down the fastest line for the men and Nouria Newman of France once again dominated on the female side. Last year, Morley exploded onto the scene when he upset three-time Sickline champion, […]

Race Preview: Adidas Sickline 2014


When the world’s top kayakers began arriving in Austria’s Oetztal this week, they were greeted with sunny days, low flows and the technical lines that make the annual Adidas Sickline Championships one of Europe’s most-anticipated whitewater events. Overnight rain brought water up significantly on Wednesday, however, and racers found themselves training on a much more […]

Catching up with Sam Grafton


After a collision with a paddling partner fractured his jaw in two places and compromised his 2013 paddling season, Index, Wash.-based boater Sam Grafton knew he wanted to go big this season. The accident happened on one of Grafton’s favorite runs—Tumwater Canyon of Washington’s Wenatchee River, which was flowing at a whopping 15,000 cfs. Grafton […]

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