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Border Paddling: Big Bend and the Rio Grande’s Wilderness Canyons


By Colin McDonald Like many Western waterways, the Rio Grande sometimes seems closer to a complicated, engineered plumbing system than a river. Its sporadic (and often nonexistent) flows are the result of growing demand, changing climate and the ideals of the 21st century running head on with a river managed by 19th century laws and […]

Destination: The Green River’s Labyrinth and Stillwater Canyons


Most of the Southwest’s canyon floats involve serious whitewater. What makes this section of the Green River perfect for sinking into “River Time” is that it dives deep into that rock-wall dimension, but the current stays benign the entire route, a no-brainer for open canoes or touring kayaks. The other draw is that the potential […]

Digital Feature: FUELS GOLD


Paddling through American’s hydro-fracking boom at the high-plains confluence of Big Oil and Big Muddy.

Road Trippin’


Road tripping along the California coast has its adventures, and Canoe & Kayak staff experienced many of them from sea kayak crashes to ladies walking cats and night-time light painting.

From the Vault: New Wave Paddling


In light of the recent Santa Cruz Paddlefest, the Pacific Paddling Surf Series and the upcoming World Championships in July, C&K staff wanted to bring back a story from the March 1987 issue.

Kern Fest and Community


April 20-21—Paddlers, runners and cyclists gathered in Kernville, Calif. for the 49th annual Kern Fest hosted by the Kern Valley River Council. California’s first whitewater festival of the year celebrates both the river and the small town that survives because of it.

Top 5 Reasons to Race in Next Year’s NWCC


The Northwest Creeking Competition features a series of races on Southern Washington’s East Fork of the Lewis River and Canyon Creek. The two-day event draws rafters and kayakers alike from all over the Pacific Northwest, and as it came to a close last weekend, people are already looking to next year’s event. Here are some reasons why you should get yourself ready for next year’s Northwest Creeking Competition.

Results of the 2013 Northwest Creeking Competition


Results of the 2013 Northwest Creeking Competition

Kayaking the Big Melt


We are alone in a landscape of mythical scale. Waterfalls tumble 700 feet down a cliff face, the height so great that the water simply vaporizes before hitting the ground.

Rough & Ready and Baldface Creeks


Rough & Ready and Baldface Creeks were listed as one of the 2013 most endangered rivers.

2013 Santa Cruz Paddlefest


Last month, some of the world’s best kayak surfers competed in the 27th annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest. Their stunts and tricks on the legendary break awed spectators and made for some awesome photography. The C&K staff picked their favorite photos to showcase in a flipbook.

Big-Wave Kickoff


The first annual Pacific Paddle Surf Series kicked off this past weekend with Oregon’s Pacific City Surf Off. Competitor/correspondent Bryon Dorr brings the 10-foot waves of the multi-discipline event to life in this dispatch from the first of five West Coast contests.

Club Mend: Build Your Own Kayak


Turning a box of wood into a kayak.

LESSONS FROM THE RIVER: It All Washes Out In the End


Dispatch No. 5 from C&K Online Editor Dave Costello’s week at First Descents.

LESSONS FROM THE RIVER: Ditch the Heavy Stuff


Dispatch No. 4 from C&K Online Editor Dave Costello’s week at First Descents.



Dispatch No. 3 from C&K Online Editor Dave Costello’s week at First Descents.



Dispatch No. 2 from C&K Online Editor Dave Costello’s week at First Descents.

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