Video: Kayakers Ride Whale

Right whale surfaces under kayakers in Argentina

A father and daughter kayaking off the coast of Puerto Madryn, Argentina, encountered a pair of Southern Right Whales last weekend. Watch as one of the 90,000-pound leviathans surfaces under the kayak, giving these paddlers a ride they will never forget.

Close encounters with marine mammals don’t always end this well. Though paddling near whales is generally safer than fishing with tiger sharks it’s best to respect the space of wild animals. (And whether the creature surfacing under your kayak is a curious whale or a Great White Shark, stay calm.)

Here are some guidelines for ethical whale watching.

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  • peio

    in Argentina the law prohibits navigate close to the whales too

  • Kayak one

    The whale approached them. The paddlers are not to blame.

  • Anonymous

    They approached the whale to within too close a distance.

  • willykayak

    They obviously paddled too close. They could have observed from the original distance. Very lucky.

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