Rescue for River Runners

Episode Six: Rescue PFD Basics

Canoe & Kayak has teamed up with open-boat expert Jim Coffey—founder of Quebec-based outfitter Esprit Whitewater Worldwide as well as R3: Rescue for River Runners—and Mike McKay from Five2Nine Productions for a series of whitewater rescue lesson videos debuting exclusively on at the beginning of every month. Here, in Episode Six, Coffey covers the basics of rescue PFD use and introduces rescue methods employing their use, specifically, the live-bait technique.

Next up: A closer look into the live-bait technique with tips and applied practice scenarios. [Click HERE to see Episode One: Getting Started, and HERE to see Episode Two: Group Dynamics, HERE for Episode Three: Safe Swimming, and HERE for Episode Four: Throw-rope skills, and HERE for Episode Five: Access and Mobility.]

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